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Diseases–targets–ligands relationships, mechanisms of drug action, drug indications & repurposing, safety
& risk assessment.

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Examples of use of our
computational tools
in drug discovery.

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Storage and retrieval of structures
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About us

The mission of Way2Drug team is to create the favorable environment for effective collaboration of people working in the multidisciplinary field of drug discovery. We trust that computational analysis of available multifaceted data, extraction of useful information, creation of new knowledge increase chances of success, decrease time resources, financial expenses and risks of failures.

Way2Drug portal is developed and supported by the multidisciplinary team of researchers working in bioinformatics, chemoinformatics and computer-aided drug discovery for about thirty years. We have proposed the local correspondence concept, according which biological activity of drug-like organic compound is based on the molecular recognition between the particular atoms of the ligand and the target. Using this concept, we have developed a consistent system of atom-centered neighborhoods of atoms descriptors including MNA (Filimonov et al., 1999), QNA (Filimonov et al., 2009), and LMNA (Rudik et al., 2014), and have implemented them in several SAR/QSAR/QSPR modeling approaches.


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biological potential of your compounds More
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What is a new in 2022?

PASS Refined comprises biological activities that are the most important for medicinal chemists, pharmacologists and doctors.

We are working on the integration of our predictive services, to allow you either select the set of activities of interest or to get prediction of all activities/properties in one click. One will be able to choose: