Release Notes - PASSOnline 2.0 (Jan 1, 2013)

Major Highlights

Added 4096 activity into a SAR Base.

Added the ability for viewing a previous results .

Added the ability for changing an account information .


Added the functionality for creating nested field sets in the registration form.

Added the possibility for sharing account data on the basis of interests sphere.

Implemented the support for the shared registration fields.

Added the ability to define a visibility between users registration field sets.

Prediction form was redesigned.

Refactored predict-based modules.

Provided the ability for using SMILES.

Refactored predict-based modules.

Provided the user session.

Improved prediction sorting function.


Added additional placeholders

Added captcha functionality

Added new version MarvinSketch

Changed a List of Predicted Activities


Fixed Multiple warnings in log-fields after running corrupt prediction.

Fixed Marvin wrong valence response.