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about biological potential of your compounds.

PASS Online predicts over 4000 kinds of biological activity, including pharmacological effects, mechanisms of action, toxic and adverse effects, interaction with metabolic enzymes and transporters, influence on gene expression, etc.

To obtain the predicted biological activity profile for your compound, only structural formula is necessary; thus, prediction is possible even for virtual structure designed in computer but not synthesized yet.

Accessing to PASS Online service requires a prior Registration, which is free but one should agree with the Terms & Conditions for usage of this service.

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Multilevel Neighborhoods of Atoms (MNA) structure descriptors of a molecule are generated on the basis of connection table and table of atoms types presented the compound...

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PASS predicts simulta- neously 3678 kinds of activity with mean accuracy of prediction about 95% (leave-one-out cross validation) on the basis of the compound's structural formula. ...

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Current and past publications, including statistical reports, surveys, press releases, circulars and legislation, are available in electronic format from this section.

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