PASS Online provides a possibility of simultaneous prediction of about 3,600 kinds of biological activity for drug-like organic compound. Input data represents a structural formula of a compound in MOLfile format. The output file represents a list of activities with two probabilities Pa (probability to be active) and Pi (probability to be inactive).

Authorization Service


GUSAR Online Acute Rat Toxicity Prediction. In silico prediction of LD50 values for rats with four types of administration (oral, intravenous, intraperitoneal, subcutaneous, inhalation) by GUSAR software.

GUSAR Online Antitargets Prediction. Quantitative prediction of chemical compounds interaction with antitarget proteins by GUSAR software. The QSAR models for thirty two end-points (IC50, Ki and Kact) include the data about 4000 chemical compounds interacting with 18 antitarget proteins (13 receptors, 2 enzymes and 3 transporters).

Individual services:

Prediction of biological activity spectra for your compounds using the latest version of PASS software on the basis of non-disclosure agreement.

Development of (Q)SAR/(Q)SPR models for your compounds using the GUSAR software on the basis of non-disclosure agreement.