Contest for Young Scientists

In the framework of the Symposium the traditional Contest of Young Scientists was held, in which 22 people* from Moscow, Kazan, Volgograd, Yerevan (Armenia) and Olomouc (Czech Republic) took part.

The presentations of young scientists aroused great interest among the participants of scientific sessions. An active discussion of their reports took place, which will undoubtedly help young scientists in the further progress of their research.

Online talks were evaluated by members of a specially formed committee of 12 people; who took into account the relevance, novelty and quality of work.

The winners of the competition are:

Artem Kniga (Lomonosov Moscow State University) – 1st Degree Diploma.

Nikita Ionov (IBMC) - 2nd Degree Diploma.

Anastassia Fomina (FNCIRIP RAS) - 2nd Degree Diploma.

Mariia Matveieva (Palacky University, Czech Republic) - 3rd Degree Diploma.

Nadezhda Bizyukova (IBMC) - 3rd Degree Diploma.

Vassilisa Frolenko (Sechenov University) - 3rd Degree Diploma.

Considering that almost all the participants in the competition received high marks from several members of the commission, it was decided to award the rest of the young scientists with Special Diplomas.

* Undergraduate and graduate students and researchers without degrees below the age of 30 took part in the contest.