Acute Rat Toxicity, prediction of acute rat toxicity for four administration routes.

ADVER-Pred, prediction of adverse drugs effects on cardiovascular and hepatobiliary systems.

AntiBac Pred, prediction of antibacterial activity.

AntiFun Pred, prediction of antifungal activity.

AntiHIV-Pred, prediction of antiretroviral activity and effects associated with treatment of HIV-associated comorbidities.

AntiVir-Pred, prediction antiviral activity.

Antitarget Prediction, prediction of interaction with the undesirable targets.

CLC Pred, prediction of interaction with tumor and non-tumor cell lines.

DDI-Pred, prediction of drug-drug interactions.

DIGEP-Pred, prediction of drug-induced gene expression.

Ecotoxicity, quantitative prediction of characteristics of ecotoxicity of chemical compounds.

KinScreen, prediction of interaction of pharmacological substances with human kinome.

MetaTox, prediction of toxicity taking into account the metabolism of drug.

PASS Online, prediction of 4000 types of biological activity.

PASS Targets, prediction of interaction with molecular targets.

RA, prediction of reacting atoms during the biotransformation.

Resistance, prediction of HIV-1 resistance based on analysis of nucleotide sequences of protease and reverse transcriptase.

ROSC-Pred, prediction of organ-specific carcinogenicity.

SMP, prediction of substrate’s and metabolite’s specificity to the biotransformation enzymes.

SOMP, prediction of metabolism sites for pharmacological agents.

SprOS, analysis of functional specificity of amino acid sequences of proteins.

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